Website Services

Our goal is simple – Deliver only the best websites

Working with clients from various industries has given us the ability to create the best websites for you. We start from the ground up and work with you to make sure that your website will increase your visibility and traffic. Using widely supported frameworks streamlines the development process, saving you time and money.

Web Hosting

We provide hosting using Amazon Web Services, ensuring your website is available at all times with Amazon’s 99.9% uptime gurantee. Contact Us today to find out about our hosting plans!

Crafted Innovations uses the following technologies for website development:

Website Development Frameworks Content Management Systems(CMS)
Codeigniter WordPress
Laravel Joomla
Angular JS Drupal

All of these streamline your companies processes, put information at your finger tips, and give you the best websites to manage information, or present your company to the world wide web!

Contact us today to see how our agile and test driven development processes can help you.

Pay As You Go

Need a quick website update without any hassle? Simply contact us and tell us how we can help! For pay as you go customers our hourly rate is $120, with a minimum of 30 minutes.

Website Maintenance Plans *

You can purchase monthly maintenance plans based on your website’s needs. Our regular rate is $120 per hour, but this is reduced based on the plan you select. Simply click the “Subscribe” button below for the plan you would like, and finish the transaction with PayPal. Any time spent above your maintenance plan will be charged at the rate of your plan. For example: If you purchase a 10 hour plan, and 15 hours need to be used for the month, you still only pay $60 per hour!

TimeSavingsCostHourly RateAction

Time Discount Cost Savings Action
2 Hours 16% $200 per Month $100
5 Hours 33% $400 per Month $80
10 Hours 50% $600 per Month $60

* NOTE: By subscribing you agree to at least 3 months of support for your website with your selected plan. Crafted Innovations, Inc. reserves the right to charge for the full 3 month term on premature cancellation. Website Maintenance Plans do not include search engine optimization.